4 SRM.png

Vacuum of innocence

Pilsner 4.9%

4 SRM.png

Loaded kettle

Fresh Hop Pale Ale 5.5%

4 SRM.png

hops de loud pack

Juicy IPA 7.6%

4 SRM.png

hops de leon

*2018 US Open Beer Championship Gold Medal

West Coast IPA 7.2%


straight outta pilsen

Pilsner 5.2%

30 SRM.png

rise to fall

Chocolate Porter 6.2%

4 SRM.png

The freshening

Double IPA brewed with our friends at Atlanta Brewing Company 9.2%


Bury the sunlight

Scottish Ale 5.2%

4 SRM.png

golden goo

Kettle Sour w/ Passion Fruit, Mango, and Peach 4.5%


fresh vibes

Fresh Hop IPA 6.5%

4 SRM.png

haze Craze

*2017 US Open Beer Championship Silver Medal