Hops-De-leon IPA

India Pale Ale 7.2%

Our flagship IPA is loaded with hop flavor. Our intense dry hopping regime creates massive notes of citrus and tropical fruit. This West Coast IPA is well balanced and highly drinkable.



Scotch Ale 8.7%

We brewed this beer for the long cold days of winter. The problem is winter lasted just 3 days this year. Oh well. This 8.7% Wee Heavy is sure to warm you up even though is 60 degrees outside. Strong notes of toffee and caramel lead to a semi-sweet finish packed full of flavor.



Imperial Porter 12.5%

This 12.5% Imperial Porter harmoniously combines chocolate and coconut. We aged this Porter on 50 pounds of hand toasted coconut flakes and 22 pounds of Ghana cocoa nibs. Huge notes of coconut and chocolate give way to a big bodied Porter sure to warm you up on these chilly winter nights.


Dubbel Maple

Belgian Dubbel 7.5%

Our Imperial Amber Ale has risen from the ashes with a twist. We used a Belgian yeast strain to chew through the 15 gallons of maple syrup we added to the brew kettle. Notes of honey and maple in the aroma lead to a deceivingly dry finish. Aunt Jemima would be proud.


AStro Bud

West Coast Style Red Ale 6.2%

This West Coast Style Red Ale is loaded with tropical fruit flavor. Simcoe and Citra hops provide resinous notes of grapefruit, mango and evergreen. Traditional to West Coast Style beers, Astro Bud has a very dry finish. #coloradogreen